Our Story

During my sophomore year of college, my roommate and I made what I always refer to as my "worst-best decision"; 'worst' because it was spontaneous and extremely irresponsible and 'best' because it set me on an unexpected but beautiful journey in life. What was this bittersweet act, you ask? Well, we bought a bunny. A tiny, black, too-young-to-be-parted-from-mama bunny from a dark, sketchy reptile store on the side of the road. We named this bunny Jujube for no good reason and were told with confidence that this tiny ball of fluff was a little boy. In jest, Jujube became the "man of the house" in our suite of eight girls. Soon enough we took him to get neutered only to get a call from the vet notifying us that SHE got spayed!

Living at progressive farm school, Jujube didn't have a set pronoun for most of her youth, flowing between "he" and "she" sometimes even in the same sentence! She roamed free in the suite, sometimes at the great displeasure of fellow roommates, especially when she left tiny round poo 'presents' in the cups of bras left on the floor or chewed a charger in half without thinking twice. We learned very quickly to keep anything of value off the floor which actually kept our rooms much more tidy! She drove back and forth with me between college and home over breaks and even lived there for an entire summer while I studied abroad. She slept under my mother's bed in the same spot she would sleep under me and left tufts of fur and tiny poos in the back corner of her walk-in closet. Mom would kill me for admitting this but she wouldn't clean them up for years because these remnants are memories of their special summer together (I'm not crying, you're crying!).

As the nature of hindsight goes, there are so many things I look back on and wish I had done differently. I wish I had fed her more variety of greens than just romaine. I wish I hadn't fed her muesli pellets. I wish I had lived in a quieter, less stressful atmosphere with her. I wish I had known what qualities to look for in a vet to be able to trust that they were rabbit savvy. I wish I had known that when she started peeing outside of her litter box it was a warning sign that something was wrong. There are so many regrets but I always try to remind myself of Maya Angelou's quote:

Jujube passed away in the wee hours of the morning on Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Almost immediately after her death, my obsession began. I can't quite explain what set it off but I just wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about rabbits and their care. Perhaps it was my way of dealing with my heartache and grief. Through my research, I stumbled across the House Rabbit Society, and it was as if I had stumbled upon the holy grail. I couldn't believe that I had found a whole group of people who wanted to teach the world about the beauty of rabbits and proper modern care for them!

I trained for the next year to become an Educator with HRS and Bunny Dad and I even got to fly out to San Diego to attend a conference in 2017! I purchased all the books I could find and bookmarked all of the websites that seemed to have reliable information. By this time I had started fostering a little white lionhead named Buster (who became my first official foster-fail).

We adopted a little girl named Jig to bond with him. And as fate would have it, two more angels fell into our family: Delilah and Symphony. I was working two part-time jobs and Bunny Dad was working a job he hated. I started playing around with making homemade organic herb blends for a variety of ailments. I had always loved herbs and always thought I would somehow work with them, I just didn't realize it would be for bunnies! The only treats I had ever made myself were the classic homemade treat recipes you see online (ground pellets, oats, ground hay, banana, etc.). Purely for fun, I thought maybe I could make some more aesthetically pleasing treats, and even better, they could be based off the herb blend line I had created! Soon enough, I listed them on Etsy to just "see how it went" (my famous last words!).

August 25th, 2018 was my first official sale on Etsy (yes, I marked it in my calendar!) and within 6 months I quite one of my jobs and then another 2 months later in April 2019 I quit my second job and started working full-time as a small business owner. Very quickly, as the business took off, we realized that Bunny Dad would have to start working full-time for the business as well and soon we had our first employee!

We continue to grow and learn and with each day we strive to be better than the day before. Our goal is not only to provide our 'extended family' all over the world with safe, healthy, organic treats, forages, and enrichment for small pets but also with a  trusted source of educational materials. Our goals for 2022 include adding in-depth material to our website focusing on rabbit care, diet, and overall health, maybe starting our very own podcast, and continuing to provide our customers with high qualities goods for their pets. Hop on in...we can't wait to "meet" you!