Molting Season Support Kit

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Jaqueline C
Bunny approved

My lionhead needed all the help he could get and he lovessss this stuff!

He loves it!

So far I have noticed a big improvement over our rabbits' behavior since I tried this product. Thank you!

Bun loves it!

My bun loves everything in this package! I was hesitant with the sunflower seeds at first because I was scared he may choke, but so far, he’s been fine & he loves it! He is growing out his winter fur and it’s been really soft.

Rachel Andersen
Such a great bundle!

This kit takes the guess work out of how to support your rabbit through molting. I purchased this specifically because my rescue bun had been living outside after being abandoned and had large matts in his fur and bald spots. When the new fur began to grow back all of the matts and stuff were falling out and it was like molting on steroids. I didn’t want him to have more trouble or it to cause digestive problems. My absolute favorite is the forage blend, he loves it and it encourages him to eat lots of hay and gives added fiber. All the additional treats all being geared for this time of his life are phenomenal and he loves them all! Each package comes with directions and it makes it easy to know I am doing the best for him. He has been through so much, and he deserves all the pampering he can get! This kit makes me feel like I can give that to him safely and beneficially! Thank you to the Well Kept Rabbit!

Eisset M Molina
Molting Season Support Kit

TWKR products are excellent. Anna and her team always go above and beyond. The quality of their products is outstanding. I recommend them 100% and our baby bunny Fluffy would agree too!!!!!