Mobility Tabs featuring Myristol™

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Kara Lessord
Senior bunny staple

My little old man (10yo) is living it up thanks to these tabs. He not only loves the taste but he has had a marked energy and exercise increase. He's still no spring chicken but it's nice to see him get the zoomies regularly again.

Peggy Behnken
They Really Work!

My senior bun had become lethargic and maybe depressed. Couldn’t think of the last time he did a binky? We got the mobility tabs to give them a try, did 1/2 pr day and he’s running around like a teenager! Makes me so happy to see him happy ❤️

Jacqueline Jerome
A hit with even my pickiest rabbit!

I have 4 rabbits ranging from 3 lbs to 10 lbs and all of them love this treat! I used to give them the oxbow joint supplement, but I didn't like all the additives in them. Glad to have found these and am very impressed at the research put into the treats!

Bethany Carmody
A must have for arthritic buns!

My 11 year old bunny has arthritis in his spine and knees. He moves noticeably more comfortably when he has these tabs! And he loves them! I definitely recommend these for arthritic bunnies

Judith Pierce
Mobility Tabs Really Work!

I have purchased the Mobility Tabs for several months now, for my 13 year-old senior rabbit. They have done a lot to stabilize him and improve his mobility. He used to fall over a lot and now he’s much more steady on his feet. They are a part of his daily diet to help him make the most out of his senior years. Thank you, Anna!