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Well Made/Designed

My little fellow is learning how to get to treats & forages, hidden between the cups. The ventilated design really allows the aromas to peak his interest. He knows they belong to him, and his curious nature is a delight to behold. Tossing the cups around is fun for him… getting to those delicious nibbles, is a grand bonus! Again, Mama! Again!!!

love love love

my rabbit loved them :)

Super Cute Christmas Present

Very nice looking and very popular with my girls. I love that there are so many different parts to it to entertain my buns when they get bored.

My girl loves this mix-she gets super excited when we add it to her hay.

2022 Advent Calendar
Catsy in Colorado
Exceptional presentation, lovely treats, happy rabbits!

Rabbits fought over the banana loofah treats! Beautifully presented cloth Advent calendar, with 24 days of different gifts. This was a gift to two mini-Rex rabbits. Impressive variety of organic and handmade treats, plenty for two 5-lb rabbits. Super fun for the rabbits, and fun for us to watch them. Sustainable/recyclable packaging and conscious shipping choices - amazing. Happy to support this excellent business.

Stacking Cups
Ashley M.
Great Quality

I was so surprised how much my girls like playing with these, even without any treats in them. I also bought a set for my sister’s bun who loves it as well. Really aesthetically pleasing and well made; they don’t show any marks from my girls throwing them around and gnawing a bit on them.

Everything I have ordered from Well Kept Rabbit is 100% a 5 star...Thank you for all of your wonderful products, your company truly cares about our rabbit's.

Happy Belly Biscuits
Jean Hillstrom

Both of my rabbits come running for these - they love them!

Binky Chips
G. Williams
Both Bunnies love them!

Both my buns love the Binky Chips! I like that they are easy to break up into small pieces for training & treats!

Joint assistance

My mini Rex has crystals in her hip joints and so far she’s doing well after using these. She’s 9.5 yrs old.

Lissa's Lunchbox
Ashley Morris
Wonderful Gift

I got this as a Christmas gift for my bunnies to give to my sister’s bunny because I guess that’s the type of person I’ve become since becoming a bun mom haha and he absolutely loved it. Really impressive in size especially for the price and it’s got so many different textures and flavors in it that once he gets bored with one part he can just move onto another part of it. Really want to get this for my girls once they polish off the stuff I got them for Christmas from the Well Kept Rabbit but I got a lot so it may be a bit.

Always fantastic!

I've tried nearly everything from TWKR and have never been disappointed. Fresh, creative and health focused treats. The holiday play mat was perfect for my fave bun at Hop Along Hollow where I volunteer. Other buns enjoyed the holiday ornaments, which were perfect to hang in cages. Everybunny had a fancy holiday cookie as well. 😊

Peppermint Bark
Both bunnies love it!

Double REW (Ruby eyed white) approved! They get so excited when they get their well kept rabbit treats it's tough to get a picture, because they won't stop dancing with excitement and then they are ready to grab and run!

Mobility Tabs featuring Myristol™

2022 Advent Calendar
Gina Bartleson

The bunnies loved their advent calendar treats and toys and the whole things was just so cute with high quality items!

Popcorn and Biscuits fantastic combo

Popcorn (the bunny) has fallen in love your Biscuits, the 1st time I tried these was from the owner of They were fantastic then and fantastic now.

Bunny approved

Our bunny loves these poppers. Any other treat he"ll gladly accept but for these poppers he'll run clear across the room for. We love that the different colors provide unique health benefits and we have seen a positive change in our little guys health. highly recommend these poppers!


My two loved everything in there and the bowls worked out very well.

Rattle Roller Toy
Amiah Wright
Rambunctious boy loves this throw!

My rex/ american boy absolutely loves things that make noise. He got so excited when I offered it to him for the first time!

2022 Advent Calendar
Claire Kunkel
Loved it!

My two bunnies get so much joy each day from whatever treat or toy is in the advent calendar. Plus the craftsmanship is beautiful and so cute. Highly recommend getting this for your rabbit(s) next year. It’s worth the price.

2022 Advent Calendar
Martina Drew

2022 Advent Calendar

Just Dandy Liver Tonic Forage

Kasper's Rainbow Baguette
Amanda Tomaszewski
Our Spoiled Little Buns Love These!

Our girls love everything from TWKR! Rainbow baguettes have to be their favorite. We love feeding them all their cute treats! From Binky Chips to basically anything else! And they love eating them!

Our baby loves them

Every product from TWKR is awesome. Our baby Fluffy goes crazy for them!!!!

Island Kabob
Kara Zachow
Island kabob is the best!

My bunnos love the island kabob! It keeps them from chewing carpet and baseboards, is a great boredom reliever. It lasts for quite a while, unlike some of their other toys that don’t last more than a couple of hours.