Pain & Inflammation Support Forage

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Matthew Gay
Highly Recommended

This product came highly recommended/ prescribed by my rabbit (Finley the Tripod w/ Arthritis) veterinarian and the rabbit society I belong to. The only complaint my bun has is its too organic compared to the forage-fetti found in stores that has ingredients that she loves BUT is bad for buns (Wheat Type Modules). She doesnt get as excited for this but does nibble through it and the ingredients are proven to aid in pain and inflammation. Thank you for your quality product.

Hi Matthew! Thank you for taking the time to write a review! I have a couple tips for you if you're interested: 1) as you stop offering store-bought 'forage-fetti' type items, your bunny will start to accept healthier options more readily. It's difficult to transition to healthier foods and will take time. I always imagine having to go from ice cream to a healthy fruit smoothie. It might take some time to recalibrate your taste buds. So I'd recommend to keep offering our blend to your bunny and do not offer any other treats or forages will you are transitioning. 2) I have a DIY Herbal Crunchies recipe that I can send to you if you're interested! It's an easy way to make your own treats out of our herbal forages if your rabbit isn't initially interested in the forage on its own. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like the recipe! :)

Leeann Bernhard
high quality & matched the description. my...

high quality & matched the description. my bunnies loved this.

Brooklen Spinka
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Monica LaBadia
Ordered on accident--bunny LOVES

There was an order mix up and these came to our door by accident. But, my Lionhead-SIlver Marten mix gobbles these up. She is a picky eater but LOVES these. I have a feeling I'm going to end up ordering more very soon...!

Allisonosmanson Bernhard
Got the samples of the Pain and Inflammati...

Got the samples of the Pain and Inflammation Supplement packet and my buns loved it, so I ordered a full pack. I really like it because I think it helps my senior bun a lot - she has slight arthritis and has been much more active since I began giving her these. It's a great guilt-free treat for them.