Stacking Cups

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Umerah Mujahid
Fun enrichment!

I love these stacking cups not only for their sturdiness, but also that you get a color choice. They are super fun for the buns, I love watching them race around with cups in their mouths and trying to figure out how to get the treats.

Cheryl Mallette
Fun or annoying?

I don't know if Rex enjoys knocking/scooting/tossing these cups to find the treats I hide in them, or if it is just an annoyance because it slows him down!! It is fun for me watching him kick and toss them. The little ridges along the top and bottom of the cups help him get a grip on them with his tiny mouth. I am glad I purchased these.

Stacking cups

I got these as a toy and we ended up bunny sitting, the one we are watching just loves them I stack them and she has fun tearing then down

Laurie R
Pee Wee loves these!

Pee Wee loves these stacking cups! He knocks over the stack then picks them up and tosses them around. If he's running around outside of his pen then hops back in to find them stacked up, he knocks them over almost immediately. I also hide treats in them sometimes. He can chew on them without causing damage. Pee Wee and I both highly recommend them!

Victoria Spinka
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